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Geological excursions are open to the public

The IGS considers one of its primary goals to be improving the accessibility of geology to the general public. Geological excursions especially for the public were initiated by the IGS’s 2018-19 President, Zohar Gvirtzman. 

Over 180 people joined six geological excursions that took place during December 2018 (Hannukah school holiday). They were led by IGS geologists, and organized by Field schools of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. The excursions visited the Golan Heights, Western Galilee, Jordan Valley, Judean Lowland, Gush Etzion, Makhtesh Ramon and the Arava Valley. Due to the enthusiastic response from participants, this initiative is planned to continue in upcoming years.

Conference in honor of Prof. Moshe Inbar and Dr. Doron Mor

The seminar was held on October 31, 2019, in honor of Prof. Moshe Inbar and Dr. Doron Mor for their notable contributions to the geological and geomorphological research of the Golan heights. 
For details and abstracts, press here.

Making science attainable

A collection of articles, written by leading researchers of the geology of Israel, is now accessible online. Articles are organized according to the various geographic areas, and include articles explaining the general concepts and terms used in geology.



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  • Dead Sea and Judea

  • Desert

  • Northern Negev Desert

  • Central Negev Desert

  • Arava Valley

  • Eilat

  • Golan Heights

  • Galilee 

  • Mediterranean shoreline 

  • The valleys

  •  Judea and Shomron

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