The Annual Meeting

Joint meeting of the Israel Geological Society (IGS) and the Israel Association of Water Resources (IAWR)

March 24-26, 2020


To all members,

Due to the spread of the coronavirus and the ministry of health restrictions on mass gatherings and conferences, the boards of IGS and IAWR have reached a joint decision to cancel the annual meeting on March 24-26 at Yearim hotel, Maale Hachamisha.

Conference registration fees and hotel reservation costs will be fully returned to registered members within the next few days.

We ask all members of both associations who are currently unregistered to fill the online registration form (IGS and IWAR websites) and pay the annual membership fee 2020 online. The annual membership fee is necessary for the management of additional projects and activities led by these organizations, including website maintenance.

The abstracts and excursions booklets for the annual meeting 2020 will be completed, and the winners of the 2020 awards, medals and contests will be formally announced. We will form a different way to gather the general meeting of the board in order to approve the financial report and the review committee report. Additional details will be given next week.

Simultaneously, we are considering the option to postpone the annual meeting to June 2020, depending on the coronavirus crisis updates and ministry of health guidelines.

Amos Salamon and Ido Negev, on behalf of both boards

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